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Car GPS (Car Tracker)

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What is a car GPS (car tracker)?

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A car tracker, sometimes known as a car GPS, is a tiny piece of equipment attached to a car, motorcycle, or even larger vehicles like trucks or trailers, that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to correctly show the location of the car. You can always view your car’s precise location on a map if you use a car tracker. Installing a car GPS may significantly improve driving security

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A picture of an automobile tracker that belongs to the company Teltonica


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How does a car tracker work?

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One of the most cutting-edge innovations of our time is GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. More and more individuals use technology to acquire instructions and maintain the safety of their automobiles as it develops. Nevertheless, despite its widespread usage, a lot of people are unaware of what a car tracker is, how it operates, and why it is so crucial to use one.

A number of GPS satellites that orbit the planet day and night are connected to the automobile’s GPS to calculate its position. The location collected is then displayed to you once it starts to receive signals from several satellites. It calculates longitude and latitude, altitude, and time based on the position of these satellites and their distance from the Earth.

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A picture of a GPS satellite in orbit over the planet

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How can the position be seen after tracking?

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A SIM card is used by automobile GPS to connect to you. The GPS can use services like SMS and the Internet thanks to the SIM card. Sending a text message to the tracker or utilizing tracking systems are two ways to view the location of your car once it has been located using the procedure outlined above:


Send the tracker a text message asking for the location to be shared with you:


Car GPS systems often include codes that you may use to send an SMS to the SIM card number within the tracker to communicate the location of your vehicle. The address will be sent to you via the link. You may view your car’s location after clicking the link.

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As an illustration, consider a tracker that replies to a text message by delivering a location and a link to a Google Map.

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Locate a car using tracking systems:


Utilizing tracking devices is another approach to locate an automobile. Tracking systems are pieces of software that let you use a website or download an app to see where your trackers are. Some of these systems provide with you other functions in addition to showing you the location of the car, which is the tracker’s primary function, including:

  • The capability to establish a geo-fence, which enables you to specify a region known as a geo-fence and get alerts if the car leaves it.
  • Consult the vehicle’s past at predetermined intervals.
  • Access to the vehicle’s mileage travelled in a certain amount of time
  • As well as additional amenities, depending on the service provider.

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An Image of a vehicle management and tracking system (Ufinder tracking system).

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How do car trackers and navigation systems differ from one another?

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Most likely, you have used GPS-based services in the past, such as routing services. You may locate a precise route while driving by using apps like Google Maps and Waze. You only need to choose a point as your destination in the software that has made routing really easy. These apps use the GPS on your phone to identify the movement’s starting place and then direct you to your goal. But how do car trackers and navigation systems differ from one another?

While both systems make use of GPS, they have distinct objectives. Although the car tracker uses the GPS service to locate the automobile, the routing method uses the GPS system to verify your present location and direct you to your destination (or any other vehicle for which you are using this system).

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Google Maps provided the route image.


While GPS navigation systems show drivers where they are on a map and then give driving instructions to get to a certain area, car tracking systems employ GPS in vehicles to find automobiles.

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How is the car tracker installed?

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We’ve given you a thorough explanation of the auto tracker up to this point, but how do you install one? There are several varieties of automobile GPS, and the installation processes vary depending on the model you pick and purchase. We’ll introduce you to several automobile tracker models and explain how they work in the sections that follow.

Car  lighter detectors:

The cigarette lighter charging connector is used to connect these detector types to the cigarette lighter outlet in the automobile. These versions have the simplest installation process, but they also have less security because anybody with access to the automobile may remove this model with ease.

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An illustration of a Teltonica brand lighter tracker


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OBD-II trackers:

OBD-II ports are present in all automobiles. The OBD-II port, which is used to troubleshoot the automobile, is connected to the ECU of the vehicle. You’ve undoubtedly heard the term “car diagnosis” a lot, and you may have visited facilities that provide car diagnosis services in order to identify a particular issue. These facilities are linked to your vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) via the OBD-II connector, where they receive data from the ECU and use it to identify the issue.

The OBD-II connection is used to connect certain trackers to vehicles. These types of trackers may report on the state of the automobile and collect additional data from the ECU, such as the engine speed, radiator temperature, engine temperature, engine pressure, whether the car is on or off, and more. The service provider (your tracking system) that supports such scenarios will, of course, determine who has access to such reports.

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A picture of the Teltonica brand FMB001 detector equipped with an OBD-II connector.


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Naturally, if your tracking device has Bluetooth capabilities but no OBD-II port, you can purchase a Bluetooth OBD-II connector like the ELM327 and attach your tracker to this connector via Bluetooth. You will be able to obtain the data from your car’s ECU in this situation. One of the detectors that has Bluetooth is the Teltonika FMB920 auto tracker.

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A picture shows the ELM327 Bluetooth adapter,

which plugs into the car’s OBD-II port and communicates

to your tracker through Bluetooth to provide ECU information.


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Direct link detectors

These tracker models include two cables to connect to the car and other wires to link to the analog and digital components of the automobile, depending on the type you pick wires to link analog components, wires to connect to digital components, wires to connect to sensors like those for vehicle fuel, car door opening or shutting, and more. There are two wires to connect to the automobile’s electricity (positive and negative).

The tracking model you supply determines exactly how many wires you need to connect to the analog and digital components of the automobile. For instance, the analog and digital components of the automobile are connected by 3 wires to the Teltonica FMB920 tracker, but additional analog and digital components may be attached to the Teltonica FMB120 tracker thanks to its 10 connecting lines.

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A picture of the Teltonica FMB120 tracker,

which has ten additional wires connecting it to the analog and digital components

of the vehicle in addition to the two wire that link it to the vehicle’s power source.


Being able to place trackers anywhere you want on the automobile is one of their most significant advantages when they are powered directly by the vehicle. These trackers may be mounted nearly anywhere in the vehicle, unlike lighter trackers, which can only be mounted on the cigarette lighter of the vehicle, or OBD-II trackers, which must be connected to a particular OBD-II port. places like the car’s roof, the recorder, or even beneath the dashboard!

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Which car tracker would be ideal for you?

[/cz_title][cz_gap height=”20px”][cz_title id=”cz_73429″]Your demands will determine which automobile tracker is ideal for you to purchase. In the market, there are several detectors with various features and costs, but we’ll discuss a few factors you should take into account before purchasing a more appropriate detector. It is best to take the following things into consideration when purchasing a car tracker:



  • Internal storage is one of a tracker’s most crucial characteristics. Currently available trackers frequently don’t have internal memory. You will lose the information about that trip if the tracker has no internal storage and your car drives through an area without internet access. However, if it has internal memory, it saves details of that route in memory and sends them to your tracking server as soon as it connects to the Internet.


  • Having a battery is the tracker’s second-most crucial feature. In the event that the automobile loses power, this particular brand of tracker will provide you with the location of the vehicle up until the battery is fully charged.


  • Opt for a tracker that supports Bluetooth, since this will allow you to more easily adjust the tracker’s settings as well as access the ECU using devices like the ELM327.


  • Take into account attributes like dust and water resistance.

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Car GPS cost

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An automobile tracker’s cost varies according to its features, manufacturer, and other factors. Customers can purchase products with more sophisticated features and equipment. Of course, before purchasing a GPS, you should consider factors like your budget and your expectations for the auto tracker. Some trackers have fewer analog and digital system connections, while others have more. Some of the most crucial elements affecting a tracker’s pricing are the ones listed below:


  • GPS Manufacturer Brand: The market for auto trackers has a number of brands, some of which are more recent than others. Some brands sell items of lower quality, while others sell things of greater quality.
  • Country of manufacture: The price of something depends on where it was made. The majority of trackers on the market are Chinese, but there are also professional brands like the European company Teltonica.
  • Details of the product: And finally, what features does the product have? Is it dust-proof or waterproof? Which sensors is it compatible with? And such factors influence the cost.

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Purchase a car tracker

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It’s time to purchase a tracker now that you have completed all the essential research before doing so. You may get the tracker you require from online retailers or shops that offer services like alarm installation and sports cars. For the convenience of our consumers, Ufinder also has the top automobile tracker brand, the Teltonica brand, available for purchase. After reading the reviews, you may also get a Teltonica tracker from the Ufinder website. The only brand that Ufinder has certified is Teltonica.

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Ufinder tracking system

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You must use a tracking system to control your auto tracker after buying and installing it. Ufinder is one of several systems available for managing trackers, both internal and external. At Ufinder, we developed a solution that has never been offered before by combining the expertise of network, programming, and database professionals. The only live tracking service in the nation, Ufinder, provides you with an instantaneous, real-time position of your automobile.



Ufinder provides you with additional fascinating capabilities in addition to displaying the car’s position, which we shall outline below:

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The cutting-edge Ufinder tracking technology provides you with a real-time, instantaneous view of your car’s whereabouts.


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If the automobile door opens at an unexpected moment, Ufinder will alert you (such as 3 midnights).


[cz_service_box title=”History of vehicle movements” icon=”fas fa-history” id=”cz_35329″ sk_title=”font-size:30px;color:#3f0099;font-family:’IRANSans’;” sk_icon=”font-size:40px;color:#3bdfc6;”]

You get access to your vehicle’s whole history for each day you have used Ufinder, based on the expertise of the Ufinder network specialists.


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[cz_service_box title=”Control of fuel usage” icon=”fas fa-gas-pump” id=”cz_30929″ sk_title=”font-size:30px;color:#3f0099;font-family:’IRANSans’;” sk_icon=”font-size:40px;color:#3bdfc6;”]

Currently, it is simple to monitor the gasoline level and the tank’s fuel usage while traveling. Utilizing your car’s GPS to control fuel use can assist.


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You may create precise geographic boundaries around regions that are particularly important to you using the Geofence function. When the car enters or exits the predetermined limits, you will be alerted.


[cz_service_box title=”Utilize a mobile application.” icon=”fas fa-mobile-alt” id=”cz_73375″ sk_title=”font-size:27px;color:#3f0099;font-family:’IRANSans’;” sk_icon=”font-size:40px;color:#3bdfc6;”]

You can simply monitor your automobile and make use of the various capabilities of the Ufinder mobile tracking application by installing it.


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Since Ufinder places a high value on service quality, only the Teltonica brand has the consistency and quality required to utilize its services, making Teltonica the only brand that has been given the go-ahead by Ufinder.

You get a year of free use of UFinder’s clever tracking technology if you utilize Teltonica GPS devices. You will be able to use all of the system’s functions during this time.

No matter where you purchased your Teltonica monitoring device, we will still provide you with a one-year membership to Ufinder. To turn on the Ufinder panel, get in touch with us.


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The last word

An inexpensive piece of hardware called a “car tracker” attaches to your vehicle and provides you with real-time information about where it is. GPS satellites are used by this gadget to detect its location. You may use tracking systems to control the tracker or send a specific code to the SIM card within the device to display the location of the automobile. You can also get the location via SMS from the tracker. Software called tracking systems gives you the power to control the tracker. The market offers a variety of car tracker models and brands, each with unique features and functionalities. As a result, you should pick and utilize the product that best suits your requirements.

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