Vehicle Live Tracking

Using a car GPS tracker is one of the best ways to increase car security. A GPS tracker is a device that is installed on your car and allows you to track the car. With the GPS tracker, you can track your car and view its location live on the map. By connecting to GPS satellites, the car’s GPS receives and displays the location of the car.

There are different models of GPS trackers in the market, each of them has different features, so before buying a tracker, it is better to consider some important points. live tracking, offline tracking and being equipped with a battery are the most important features of a car GPS tracker.

Live Tracking

24-hour monitoring and management seven days a week

Practical for all vehicles

Suitable for a wide range of vehicles

Personal Tracking & Fleet Management

professional facilities for personnel and fleet management

Crane handling alert

Send a warning if the car is transported with a crane

Offline Tracking

Tracking even when there is no internet access

Remote car shutdown

Turn off your car remotely

Advanced Fleet Management System

With UFINDER fleet management system, you can reduce your business costs and increase your productivity. live tracking and professional reports. You have access to unique features such as live tracking, view the distance between projects, drawing geographic boundaries, professional reports, the possibility of measuring the fuel consumption of fleet vehicles:

  • Real Time Live Tracking
  • Advanced Fuel Management System
  • Professional Reports
  • Automatic Reports
  • Viewing the speed of movement and stopping of fleet vehicles
  • Alerts in situations such as excessive speed or excessive stopping
  • Geofencing
  • and more